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Funeral Coach Transfers

Welcome to Wigan coach hire, your number one Minibus service provider in the UK. Whether you require transport for a local or continental tour, we have just what you need. At Wigan, we are well aware of the growing tourism and travel business, and we proudly take the opportunity to ensure that tourists get to their destination hassle free. Our minibus and coach transport services are conveniently available to ferry customers to respective areas.

Taking into account the thrilling and busy life in Wigan, we have the right type of minibus to suit every event. Our buses range from eight seated minivans to 70-seated coaches. Our 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, and 24-seated minibuses are just as luxurious. The vehicles combine affordability and top-notch luxury to offer a touch of tranquillity during the cruise. The inside of the vehicle is particularly breath-taking. We are the only company in Wigan that provides table services in our vehicle. All cars are fitted with screens and players, not forgetting the reclining cozy leather chairs. We have waiters who cater for services during the cruise.

Wigan coach hire services extend to the larger UK, with a greater focus on the Wigan’s vicinity. We also offer affordable airport transfer services to UKs major airport outlets. In case you are spoiled for choice as to which places to visit in Wigan, here are some of Wigan’s finest sights to behold. The Mystical Dee Estuary, the Mercenary ferries, and the Ness Botanic Garden. We also offer routine transport services to the following services;

  • Funerals, where we have customized cruise arrangements guaranteeing a hassle-free event
  • We offer VIP transport for weddings events
  • Corporate events for people looking to host important delegates or clients
  • Family day trips for families
  • Tours for schools and churches partaking a journey

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Also, we cannot help but share some of the awe-inspiring events in Wigan’s 2015 calendar that you cannot afford to miss out,

  • The Wigan theatre festival destine for October 10th
  • The ground-breaking Bette and Joan film scheduled for 7th September
  • The Stuart Maconie book launching and signing scheduled for 10th September
  • Sailing and windsurfing, a charity event that happens yearly on 12th September

As a top tier firm in the business of minibus hire in Wigan, we are glad to boast about our achievements. We do not and have never compromised our quality for the sake of price; rather, our fares and charges are pocket-friendly. Additionally, we focus on professionalism, customer satisfaction, and excellence, as we believe that the customer is the central point of our business. We guarantee the best service.